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"There is nothing good unless one does it."

Erich Kästner

Social togetherness

Cohesion is important in all areas of life. In the real estate market, strong partnerships and a reliable network can lay the foundation for worthwhile investments. This also applies to social togetherness. It is therefore all the more important for me to link both areas – real estate investments and social commitment. 

In my “Private Real Estate Dinners” I engage in a constructive dialogue with clients and partners from the industry. At the same time, money is raised for charitable causes that are very close to my heart. For example, we were able to financially support various great projects, such as the fundraising campaign for an operating robot for the Charité or the ACHSE e.V. self-help organisation.

In addition to dedicated and motivated people who support the families personally, financial assistance is important.


Passion and loyalty – the values of the Eisbären Berlin are quite similar to ours. We are happy to be a member of the supporters club now.

We look forward to accompanying the team on their road to success!


After the many small and large successes as a top agent in the real estate industry, the “Private Real Estate Dinner” was born out of the idea of giving something back to the partners in my network. In the meantime, it has become a real tradition to bypass the usual marathon of events and gifts to do some good for the city – specifically in the form of donations to charitable institutions.

The event now brings together more than 80 high-ranking guests from the real estate industry. They enter an exciting exchange during the evening, from which new synergies often emerge. At the end of the dinner, generous donations are collected for Berlin institutions such as the children’s hospice. The motto is: “conversations instead of gifts”. Further donations are collected in a silent auction. Over the past years, the “Private Real Estate Dinner” has become a fixed date in the Berlin real estate industry.


The Private Real Estate Dinner on 16 January 2020 followed, by now almost traditionally, a charitable purpose and this year collected donations for the acquisition of a new and highly modern surgical robot for pediatric neurosurgery at the Berlin Charité, one of the leading clinics in computer-assisted endoscopic surgery and pediatric neurosurgery. This surgical robot expands the spectrum of therapeutic possibilities and opens entirely new treatment options.

Diseases of the central nervous system that can be treated surgically or complex tumor diseases of the nervous system in children can now be treated with the highest precision. Interventions for brain tumors, tissue samples and epilepsy can now be performed more safely and gently, more efficiently and more minimally invasively. This shortens the duration of anesthesia and operation time, resulting in a lower overall treatment risk.

This is just a small contribution to helping children and their families who have been burdened with health issues. But it does raise some hope for successful, improved treatment and the chance of a healthy child’s smile.


Through the initiative and support of patron Eva Luise Köhler, we held our “silent auction” at the Real Estate Dinner 2020 for the benefit of ACHSE e.V., the “Alliance of Chronic Rare Diseases” („Allianz Chronischer Seltener Erkrankungen“), and raised a considerable sum of over 70,000 euros.

The association cares for those affected by rare diseases, their relatives and families, the networking of doctors and therapists, research initiatives, general education and awareness-raising among the public, as well as representing their interests at the political level.

Although rare diseases affect only very few people at a time, a total of 4 million people in Germany and as many as 30 million in the EU are affected. There are about 6,000 diseases, mostly of genetic origin and still incurable.

It takes a lot of enthusiasm and stamina to make the concerns of the “orphans of medicine” heard and visible. We are glad that we can support this commitment with our financial contribution.


“There is nothing good unless one does it.” – the children’s author Erich Kästner famously observed. As a father of two, I am particularly committed to the Björn Schulz Foundation, which accompanies families of children with life-shortening illnesses on their journey through professional children’s hospice work. Both the sick children and the parents, siblings, and grandparents – for whom caring for the child is a physically and above all emotionally challenging time – are offered help here.
In addition to dedicated and motivated people who support the families personally, financial assistance is also important. Spaces have to be designed and celebrations of life have to be organised. The nursing staff takes care of people in this extraordinary life situation around the clock. The money is used to finance offers for siblings or to create opportunities for parents to recharge their batteries in a short moment of recovery.



As a Berlin native and passionate tennis player, it is a special heartfelt concern for me to support the LTTC “Rot-Weiss” e.V. as a board member. “Rot-Weiss” is one of the oldest and most renowned tennis clubs in the world and is inseparably linked with big names in tennis history such as Steffi Graf or Gottfried von Cramm. Today, the stadium of the same name in the Grunewald district once again hosts top-class and international tennis tournaments.

As a long-time sponsor of the tennis club, I am proud to support the club as a board member since 2019. At the “Rot-Weiss” tennis club, I am mainly involved in administration and in member and sponsor relations. However, not only competitive athletes are welcome at the club, but also athletes from all age groups and families who want to practise sport and train for a specific goal.